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Grass Fed Beef

Texas raised, grass fed beef. No hormones, no antibiotics. Raised using centuries old ranching techniques on our farm in Ponder, TX. Only the freshest, cleanest, best tasting beef money can buy.

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Farm Raised Pork

Whether you're looking for pork chops or bacon you won't find a better quality piece of pork than here. If you've never enjoyed locally raised, farm fresh pork you're missin' out!

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Raised Using Centuries Old Ranching Techniques

S&G Farms is committed to raising the absolute best cattle in world

Raising healthy, great tasting meat is in our head Ranchers blood. The Swafford family has been raising beef the right way for over 130 years! S&G’s grass fed beef is tastier and healthier than “all natural” beef raised in factory farming environments, guaranteed.

At S&G Farms, we raise predominately Angus, Angus cross, and leaner breeds of cattle. Our 130 years experience has proven this to produce the finest beef available. All the cattle are raised in the local area of Ponder Texas. They are grass fed and freely finished with an all-natural, hand mixed, locally grown grain, for clean marbling and flavor you’ll get nowhere else.

We’re not going to lie to you, we’re a small farm and we like it that way. All of our cattle are raised in small herds. You won’t see hundreds or even thousands of head of cattle on our farm. This “small batch” process allows us to give our cattle supreme care. Each animal is physically inspected daily and always has plenty of grass and all grass hay available.

They are free to roam our pastures as they please feeding off the land as nature intended. Because our cattle are inspected daily we don’t have to inject every head with antibiotics, hormones and pesticides like factory farming operations do. All that adds up to the cleanest, healthiest best tasting meat you’ve ever tasted.

Don't Just Take Our Word For It THOUGH

Here’s just a few of the thousands of emails and letters our customers have sent us over the years.

Dear S&G Farms,
I purchased some of your meat from a Farmers Market you were at and I just had to write to tell you thank you. I'm 78 years old and I never thought I would taste a steak like we used to get when I was a younger man. The quality of meat has gone down considerably in my 78 years on this earth, but yours is just like I remember.


Grapevine, TX

Amazing. Simply Amazing. We ordered several steaks, hamburger patties and some German sausage for our 4th of July party and the food is all anyone could talk about. I sent 4 friends home with your website, I'm sure you'll be hearing from them soon!


Argyle, TX

What do you put in this meat!? I believe I just had the best steak in my entire life last night. I'm not sure even the best steakhouse can top it and I just cooked it on the grill at home. Did I mention? The best steak of my life, seriously. My wife says I won't stop talking about it. =)


Southlake, TX

I just had to write to tell you I am floored by the quality of all the products we bought. We purchased a few steaks, a large roast, some lamb and several different sausages. They were all simply fantastic! Everyone in the family commented on how good it tasted. I've been a professional mom-chef for the last 10 years and I really can't believe the quality. Thank you for taking the time to really care about what you do so my family can eat healthy.


Keller, TX

Your steaks make me look like some sort of grill-magician to my friends and family! Absolutely the best meat I've eaten.


Ft. Worth, TX

I'm totally addicted to your sausages. I used to buy the expensive summer sausage from Whole Foods but not anymore! Your summer sausage has no ingredients I can't pronounce, twice the flavor and 2/3rds the price!


Flower Mound, TX

Your roasts are always a smash hit when my family comes in for the holidays. They're all jealous they don't have access to a farm like yours. Thanks for everything y'all do!


Northlake, TX

I just can't get over how good your meat is. We went to a cookout at a friends house over the weekend and his steaks and burgers just don't compare to what we get from you guys. You've definitely spoiled us. Keep up the great work.


Denton, TX

Free Delivery Just About Anywhere In Our Local Area

You heard that right. We'll deliver our Grass Fed Beef and Farm Raised Pork FREE, with a minimum $200 order. We'll travel just about anywhere our local area to get you the best meats available anywhere.

Delivered direct from our farm to your door, all of our products really are farm to table!

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