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19th Ave New York, NY 95822, USA
S&G Farms Head Rancher

About our farm

We do it the way it used to be done

That fella right there is Doug Swafford. He’s been raising cattle his whole life. His father raised cattle before him, and his father before him. Doug learned how to raise cattle the old fashioned way. He was taught to respect his animals and give them the utmost care. Raising cattle is in Doug’s blood and he’s passionate about it. He knows what it takes to produce the finest beef available.

Out of all of our meats our Beef is our pride and joy. All of our beef is grass fed, hormone and antibiotic free and lean with just enough marbling to make it delicious. All of our beef is grown right here in Ponder Texas. We eat our own beef and we wouldn’t sell anything we wouldn’t eat ourselves. We guarantee you’ll love our meat!

We're small and we like that


We’re a small farm located in Ponder, TX. Our herds are small, very small when compared to traditional factory farming operations. That’s ok with us, we prefer it that way. Keeping our herd small allows us to provide the quality and care each animal needs. This “small batch” process allows us to avoid harmful products in your meat like antibiotics, hormones, pesticides, and other chemicals needed to maintain enormous herds.

Because of our attention to detail you get the cleanest, highest quality beef grown anywhere. If you haven’t tasted true grass fed beef raised by someone that has been raising cattle their entire life you’re missing out.

We raise a variety of livestock

sgfarms farm raised pork

S&G Farms does raise some of the finest beef in the state but we also raise other stock as well. We raise hogs and lamb using the same time tested, decades old ranching techniques Dougs father developed.

While most ranchers focus solely on increasing their beef production we understand folks can’t just eat beef every day. A well rounded diet consists of different types of vitamins, minerals, amino acids and proteins. Just like everything we raise, our pork and lamb are never injected with hormones, antibiotics or have their food sprayed with pesticides.

your health is important to us

When we founded S&G Farms our number one goal was to provide people with a healthy, clean and affordable food. Food that not only tastes better but has more vitamins, minerals, amino acids, proteins and all the things that your body needs to fight disease and make you stronger.

We realized that the meat the grocery store was selling was just downright unacceptable and in some cases might even make you sick because of added ingredients. We understand you can’t lead a happy life unless you’re healthy, and you can’t be healthy if your food is loaded with man made chemicals and toxins.