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Our Farm Raised Grass Fed Beef

S&G Farms all natural Grassfed Beef is raised right here in Ponder, TX located just north of Dallas/Ft. Worth. Our goal when raising cattle is to provide an atmosphere of low stress that give our cattle what they need. Our ranching style brings you and your family beef with low saturated fats, high CLA’S, and high OMEGA 3’s. We raise our cattle in an ethical manner, where each head is given the utmost care. Our cattle are never put through feedlots in cramped pens or ever injected with hormones or antibiotics.

Why grass fed beef?

They say you are what you eat, but what about what it has been eating? With modern factory farming techniques being common place you also need think to about diet and lifestyle of the animals. Humans are animals and all animals physiology based on what they eat, freedom of movement and how they live.

Simply put, animals that eat the foods that nature intended to are healthier. Animals that are nutrition deficient or injected with unnatural products become sicker. Animals that are raised on factory feed lots are subjected to an abundance of toxic fattening foods, lack the freedom to walk, run or move around and are subject to getting sick due to the number of animals in such close proximity. Sick animals make for sick people when consumed, regardless of whether they taste good with BBQ sauce.

All of our animals are raised “in the wild” consuming a natural diet of grass and hay. Each animal is free to roam our pastures as they please getting plenty of exercise and being cared for by the herd. While this all might sound nice, this means you get a higher quality food with more vital nutrients, better over all flavor and no toxins or chemicals.

Most large factory farming operations are down right disgusting. Animals are treated inhumanely and kept tight and stressful quarters. They eat a diet consisting of mostly corn and soy. They get no activity whatsoever and are usually separated from its natural parents within the first week of birth. This all contributes to a stressed, weak and poorly fed animal. It’s not only sad, its bad for your health.

Let’s take humans for example. Humans evolved to eat a varied diet of fruit, veggies, nuts, seeds and lean meats. What would happen if you only ate corn and soy products for your entire life? You would become sick, overweight and weak. Our bodies need the correct foods to function properly. Just like humans, cows evolved to eat a very specific diet … grass!

The Grass Fed Difference

Besides being fed what they were meant to eat, our grass fed cows are treated like a living, breathing creature and not just products traded for dollars. What makes us different is our farm conforms around a natural habitat for our cattle instead of forcing the animal to conform to production system requirements. Simply put, we take the utmost care of our animals because we believe a happy animal is a healthy animal.

Our Farm

Factory Farms

How our beef is packaged

All of our beef is processed locally in Texas. This facility is USDA & FDA Certified. This is a private facility and maintains tight quality and health controls. All of our meats are minimally processed and aged for 14-22 days so you get the most tender, flavorful and fresh beef available anywhere. All of our beef is slow frozen and never nitrogen flash frozen so you never have to worry about potentially toxic gasses in your food.