• Poultry

  • Why We Partnered With Frans Fryers

    We don't raise fowl ourselves but we have partnered with Frans Fryers to provide our customers with the absolute best poultry products. It took us several months to find a poultry farm that met the same high standards we have for our own products. Frans Fryers poultry contains no preservatives, is Non-GMO, and never irradiated! This family business really does produce the best poultry product available anywhere.

  • Frans Fryers Is Better Than "All Natural"

    When it comes to food sold in the United States, the label 'Natural foods' and 'all-natural foods' are widely used for marketing purposes. Yet, the definition of, 'all-natural' is very vague. Most consumers believe that the label, 'All-natural' means that the product is minimally processed and does not contain manufactured ingredients. This is not always true. The lack of standards in most states means that the term assures nothing. In some places, the term “natural” is defined and enforced by consumer laws. In the United States, it has no meaning. Fran's Fryers strives to be better than this. That's why we say our products are, 'Better than all-natural'. When the meat that you put on your family's table comes from Fran's Fryers, you can be assured that it's better than all-natural.

  • Chicken

    During their farm life, Frans Fyers chickens are raised in large houses on the ground with lots of room to move about. Fresh air and fresh water are provided to keep them healthy and happy. In order to prevent contamination from pesticides, poisons and other toxins the birds are not let outside. All Frans Fryers chickens are fed a healthy all natural feed so you know exactly what they were fed. The feed is organic, non-GMO and pesticide free.

    During processing, each bird is inspected by a USDA certified inspector. After processing they are rinsed with an organic rinse, then chilled in ice water to 38 degrees. Frans Fryers does not use preservatives at any time during processing. The chicken is then de-boned (if applicable) and packaged at Fran's Fryers plant in Milford, Texas. Most people don't know it but it is becoming common practice in the meat industry to use radiation to kill ecoli bacteria. This is the number one reason we partnered with Frans Fryers; NONE of their poultry are ever radiated, ever! When you raise animals in a clean environment and process them in a clean facility there is no need to irradiate them because they do not contain any harmful bacteria.