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texas raised farm fresh pork

Texas raised farm fresh pork

Pork, the other, other white meat! While we do specialize in Beef we also raise some of the best Pork you have ever tasted. We apply our same ago old ranching techniques to raising hogs. When Doug was a young boy it was his job on the farm to take care of the hogs, making sure they were fed and had ample exercise and fresh air. Doug’s hogs won many awards at the local county fair during his youth. While we don’t send our hogs into competition anymore we still apply those award winning techniques when raising them. We breed primarily Yorkshire & Hampshire pigs, Doug’s years of experience have shown him that Yorkshire & Hampshire pigs produce the best Pork products full of flavor, lean, and high in nutrients.

A Happy Hog Is A Healthy Hog

Pigs in general are very intelligent animals. Like humans their health is heavily dependent on their happiness. If you want good quality Pork you need a good quality living environment for your Hogs. Just like our cattle our hogs are inspected daily. Each hog is given its own quarters and is never crammed in with other hogs on the lot. They each have an 8×12 foot indoor pin to relax and enjoy the shade as well as their own door out into the yard when they want to stretch their legs and enjoy the sunshine.

Each pin floor is covered in fresh, soft saw dust every day. That ensures the pin is clean, and comfortable. We feed our hogs an all natural, high protein feed. This feed is free from antibiotics, growth hormones, dangerous pesticides and all the other nasty things you find in store bought meat. Because of our attention to detail our hogs never need antibiotics to keep them healthy which means you get the cleanest best tasting Pork available anywhere.

Why Hormone Free Isn't Good Enough

Over the last few years we’ve noticed a disturbing trend in the industry. Often times Pork products are labeled “Anti-biotic & Hormone Free.” While this was certainly something you could believe in the past its no longer true. Within the last few years hog farmers have started to use a growth hormone called Ractopamine. Ractopamine is banned in 160 countries, but not the United States.

The worst part is farmers who use Ractopamine can still label their products as “hormone free” despite the fact that Ractopamine is indeed a growth hormone, and a dangerous one at that! Over 160 countries have banned the use of Ractopamine in ranching yet it’s still completely legal in the United States. It’s estimated that 60-80% of all the Pork in the United States was given Ractopamine either via injection or in the feed!

The European Food Safety Authority (the European equivalent of the FDA) investigated Ractopamine in 2009, concluding there was not enough data to show that it is safe for human consumption at any level. This is astonishing to us, and shame on the US Government for allowing such a dangerous product into our food supply. Shame on ranchers for trying to pass their product off as “hormone free” despite the use of a growth hormone that the rest of the world, including China, deems dangerous for human consumption! Shame!

At S&G farms when we say “Antibiotic & Hormone Free” we absolutely mean it.

NONE! No shady word play, no under the counter injections, we only sell pure Pork. We’re better than that because you deserve better than that.

How our pork is packaged

All of our pork is processed locally in Texas. This facility is USDA & FDA Certified. This is a small, private facility and maintains tight quality and health controls. All of our meats are minimally processed and aged for 14-22 days so you get the most tender, flavorful and fresh pork available anywhere. All of our pork is slow frozen and never nitrogen flash frozen so you never have to worry about potentially toxic gasses in your food.